The Avengers GIF Challenge

Avengers Gif Challenge

  1. No Cheating.
  2. No Skipping.
  3. All comments in italic.

3rd gif is your reaction to your ability/power.

ok so clearly I don’t want my powers

7th gif is when you tell the public your identity.


but it looks like I got over them…and want you to also.

12th gif is when you meet Nick Fury.

If i’m the one not wanting the hug yes…I could see him being the huggy “i love you” one…too bad I hate the man

15th gif is when you agree to work with SHIELD.

it looks like they blackmailed me to join…poor them?

25th gif is your reaction to meeting the other avengers.

Especially good ole’Cap!! (this is perfection!)

29th gif is your reacting to find out about Asgard.

I nearly died laughing when it landed on this gif…so perfect

34th gif is you during training.


very very VERY true

40th gif is when you learn about Loki.



47th gif is when you are fighting in the city.


apparently I’m kicking ass and taking names…i’m ok with that.

You last gif in your folder is when you win.